We are a pre-clinical bio/pharmaceutical company, dedicated to designing and developing first-in-class anti-cancer therapeutics. We are developing platform technology that is focused on eliminating and/or functionally inactivating the cancer cells that initiate tumor development and are responsible for chemo/radiotherapy resistance, tumor relapse, and their spread throughout the body (metastasis).

COARE is developing therapeutic agents, using strategies that take control and reverse the fundamental mechanisms that cause cancer. Almost all human cancers originate from a cell that has gained properties that resemble epithelial stem cells. These cells are unique, based on their capacity to renew themselves, give rise to fast-growing cancer cells that make up the tumor, are resistant to radio /chemotherapies, evade the immune system, and change their shape and function to spread to different organs (metastasis).

COARE has developed first-in-class therapeutic agents that disrupt pro-cancer functions specifically in the critical cells that cause the cancer to grow and spread to distant organs and ultimately cause the death of patients with solid tumor cancers. Indeed, this process called metastasis is responsible for more than 80 percent of the mortality associated with cancer.

COARE’s patented and patent-pending technology has been supported by National Cancer Institute, Department of Veteran Affairs, and philanthropic organizations. The scientific foundation that supports their efforts was developed at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and has been license to COARE for further development. COARE scientists have collaborated with academic institutions, foundations, and industry towards the development of life-changing anti-cancer medicines that will improve the lives of patients diagnosed with some of the deadliest of cancers.